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Westinghouse AP1000

The Westinghouse AP1000 is different from a conventional PWR that requires active pumps for reactor core and containment cooling. The advanced PWR uses passive heat sink and nature's force to remove decay heat after reactor shutdown. There are inside-containment refueling water storage tank, accumulators, coolant makeup tanks, passive residue heat removal system and automated depressurization system. Basically for any disturbance it relies on natural course to depressurize the primary coolant and let coolant cover the core effortlessly. Even the containment is cooled from outside its steel liner by water draining from a tank placed high above the roof. Air draft from the ambient further assists this process. In order to see how this "passive safe" concept will actually work, PCTRAN AP1000 rigorously demonstrates all these in high fidelity and vivid animation. It is of high fidelity as the simulated results have been benchmarked against the NRC approved design document submitted by Westinghouse.

Since first completion of a control room full-scale simulator is at least six years away from now, PCTRAN provides an immediately tool for training personnel and demonstration to public or media of the new technology. Download the free demo.


PCTRAN AP1000 Model

Verification Analyses: Following cases have been completed; more to be posted

Turbine Trip

Uncontrolled Rod Band Withdrawal

Loss of Normal Feedwater

Steam Generator Tube Rupture

Inadvertent Operation of Coolant Makeup Tank During Power Operation

Inadvertent Operation of the PRHR During Power Operation

10-Percent Step Load Increase

Inadvertent Automatic Depressurization System Initiation

10-Inch Cold Leg Break

2-Inch Cold Leg Break

Double-ended Cold Leg Break

Double-ended Hot Leg Break

Inadvertent Pressurizer Safety Valve Opening

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