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In its 22-year existence, PCTRAN has become the leading desktop simulator in the nuclear industry. To maintain our worldwide presence, we rely heavily upon knowledgeable and well-connected distributors in strategic geographical territories. Two outstanding examples are Colenco Power Engineering (covering Switzerland and Germany) and CSAJ (covering Japan). Because of Colenco’s efforts, all four Swiss nuclear plants (Leibstadt, Goesgen, Brunsbuettel and Muehleberg), the Swiss government agency HSK, and a few German plants are long-time users of PCTRAN.  CSAJ's distribution in Japan allows us to be a constant supplier to the government agency JNES (formerly NUPEC, JNC and JAERI), utility companies, and major nuclear vendors. Our products and services cover PSA studies, severe accident simulators, emergency exercise tools, and simulators for experimental devices such as high-temperature gas reactors (HTTR) and passive safe designs (JPSR).

Currently, there are strategic areas that are not covered by established and reputable distributors.  Each one has its unique status:

  1. In the Middle East, Egypt and Turkey have long-established nuclear infrastructure. Commitments to plant construction in the region have recently been revitalized. For the first time, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Libya, and a number of Gulf states have approached the IAEA to garner its support for nuclear construction, signalling an imminent buildup of technical staff in the region. As a training tool, PCTRAN could also be supplemented by hiring qualified instructors.
  2. In South Asia, both India and Pakistan have established a nuclear power industry and ongoing nuclear constructions. We receive the largest amount of requests for PCTRAN information from these two countries.
  3. In Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam have shown strong interest over a long period of time, and recently that interest has been growing.
  4. In South America, Brazil and Argentina have expressed strong interest in placing orders.  We need someone to close those deals.
  5. In the US, essentially every utility has indicated its interest in PCTRAN for use in emergency exercise or PSA consequence studies. However, budgeting is closely connected to government regulations and priorities.  Someone familiar with government regulations and purchasing would have the potential to negotiate distribution to the 103 units in the country.
  6. In China, there will be 40-GW nuclear additions by year 2020. MST has already signed a cooperation contract with Shanghai Jiaotong University. We still need a powerful organization to promote commercial sales in this booming market.

We would like to recruit distributors in the above regions. There are three tiers for distribution:


  1. Sales Agent – A simple referral by mentioning to us the prospective organization and contact point.  We do all the marketing and contract negotiations.  Should the sale materialize, we will reward you a significant commission.
  2. Distributorship – If your company has the technical know-how and connections in a given territory, you do all the marketing and contract negotiations.  We (MST) will provide all technical information and even join you to make technical presentations at our own cost.  For the finalized project scope, MST will supply its cost as royalty.  Your organization will then markup with appropriate profit and complete the sales.  If you complete significant sales volume in a reasonable time, your dealership may become “exclusive,” i.e. MST will rule out association with anyone else in your territory.
  3. Credit – Should the prospective organization be your own employer, the initiative of getting a new product cannot be rewarded in financial terms.  In this case, we will make a concession to your organization’s purchase price. We may also invite you and colleagues to come to our New Jersey office to have a training session, etc.

If you are interested in one of the three above arrangements, please write to us.  Please specify your qualifications, the prospective organization, and possible applications for PCTRAN.