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Cooperation with Universities

PCTRAN has been successfully licensed to universities all over the world. It is the leading nuclear simulator used for teaching, research, and thesis development towards Masters and PhD degrees in nuclear engineering departments. There are two types of licenses sold for PCTRAN: a general license for use in the classrooom teaching reactor physics and nuclear technology and the full source code license. The teaching license provides use of an executable program and the training manual. With the full source code license, the entire platform of PCTRAN including the source codes and third-party compiler and utility graphic tools are installed at the nuclear engineering department of the university. A license agreement covers complete technology transfer and assistance in developing new component models and applications of PCTRAN. Since this requires a relatively large license fee, occasionally a third-party sponsor such as a national nuclear agency or utility company is involved. In cases like these, the third party also enjoys the product completed from the research project.

Our cooperation with universities has been highly successful. The development platform uses Microsoft's Visual Basic and Access database; the platform is mature and user-friendly, guaranteeing the success of modifications as long as the newly added feature is technically valid. Over the past twenty years, one post-dotorate fellow, two PhDs, and over a dozen Master theses have come out of our collaboration with universities. Many graduates have become professors in leading universities or engineers in major corporations. Their contributions in core kinetics, control systems, and severe accident and dose dispersion models have been integrated into the current PCTRAN model, benefitting the entire industry.

The following is a list of universities that have lasting cooperation with MST:

- In the USA: Univ. of Cincinnati, Georgia Tech, Lowell Univ., MIT, Univ. of North Texas, New Jersey Institute of Technology, RPI, US Naval Academy

- In Canada: Univ. of Sherbrooke

- In China: Shanghai Jiaotung Univ, Xian Jiaotung, Tsinghua Univ. (Beijing), National Tsinghua Univ. (Taiwan)

- In Japan: Tokyo Univ., Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tahoku Univ., Kobe Shosen, Kyussu Univ., Osaka Univ., Fukui Tech Univ.

- In Spain: Polytech Univ. Madrid, Univ. Polytech Bacelona

- In Saudi Arabia: King Abdulaziz Univ.

- In Finland: Helsinki Tech Univ.