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TRIGA -Experimental Pool Reactor Simulator

The TRIGA model is of rated power at 200 KW thermal with neutron flux at 2E10 n/cm2/sec. It is intended for education of reactor principles on the concept of delayed neutron effect, multiplication factor, criticality, control by rods and boron concentration, feedback on fuel (Doppler) and moderator temperatures, xenon and samarium poisoning, etc. It is the world’s first PC-based simulator of its kind. The demo package is of limited runtime of 600 seconds. The actual product has unlimited runtime. Therefore delicate maneuvering of the rods during startup to criticality, as well as xenon effect after shutdown is possible. It is a powerful tool complementing classroom lectures. The database is structured to allow varying the reactor size from a few kilowatts to megawatt range for specific TRIGA reactors.

TRIGA Simulator screen shot

Download free demo


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