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Development of PC-based Simulator for Korean APR 1400

Micro-Simulation Technology


Station Blackout Benchmark

In Vessel Retention Strategy (New)


PCTRAN/APR1400 NSSS mimic, Note 4 ECCS trains, IRWST, POSRV and SDV systems

APR1400 is Korean-designed next generation nuclear power plant (KSNP) up-scaled from OPR1000 to 1400 MW electric (4000 MW thermal).  The major upgrades related to simulator design are:


They are incorporated into PCTRAN as seen in the NSSS and containment mimics.

The prototype is working and has been benchmarked against a few published studies by KAERI.  It includes a station blackout (SBO) up to 8 hours without core damage to meet the design criteria. All operational transient and accident cases are operable.


PCTRAN/APR1400 containment mimic - Note Cavity Flooding and debris scrubbing systems to direct water from IRWST into the cavity.

Direct Vessel Injection (DVI) Emergency Core Cooling System

Rather than injecting into the cold legs as traditional PWR’s, four trains of independent ECCS inject into the reactor vessel. In each Safety Injection Tank (SIT) there is fluidic device that increases the flow resistance when the driving head is reduced after initial refill phase following a large break loss-of-coolant-accident (LBLOCA). This saves coolant spill from the break and extends operation of SIT to the later reflood phase. Following is the ECCS flow requirement for conventional PWR and APR1400 according to KHNP:













A LBLOCA was conducted using PCTRAN/APR1400. 


The HPSI and SIT flows match both qualitatively and quantitatively well with the design.


Station Blackout Benchmark