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The Russian VVER-1200 (NPP-2006 or AES-91) is the version currently offered for export. It is an evolution of the VVER-1000 with increased power output to about 1200 MWe (gross) and providing additional passive safety features.  The PSAR (Preliminary Safety Analysis Safety Report) of model 392M under construction at the Novovoronezh NPP-II is used for developing and benchmark of the PCTRAN simulator.

Relative to our previous VVER-1000 model, the core thermal power and operation pressure are slightly higher.  Major difference is addition of the passive heat removal system (PHRS) to the steam generators. It is initiated at SG level 900 mm below normal and FASV (Fast Actuation Shutoff Valve) closure.  Each SG is equipped with one at a rating approximately 16 MW.  It is driven by natural circulation of the steam to be condensed by ambient air outside the containment. Adding a more reliable auxiliary feedwater system, the plant can be maintained safe and stable following a station blackout event for extended time period.

A number of cases have been conducted for benchmark using the PSAR.  Eventually every category will be covered.  So far the completed are:

  1. False closing of turbine stop valve
  2. FASV False Closing of SG 2
  3. Four MCP Loss of Power
  4. Steam Generator Tube Rupture
  5. Total loss of Feedwater
  6. Small Break Losss of Coolant Accident
  7. Main Steam Line Break
  8. Loss of Feedwater Heating
  9. False Control Assemblies Withdrawal