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Dear Friend - Suggestions on Who Could Do What

Thank you for your interest in PCTRAN. During your test if you encounter any problems, please refer to the “Common Problems ” page on our website.

PCTRAN is the first and only nuclear simulator so far to offer comprehensive coverage of reactor accidents, i.e. from inside the fuel element to the external plant environment. Radioactive leakage through the cladding, coolant, and containment boundary is traced rigorously by interactive controls and animated displays.  This is what nuclear safety is all about: understanding the science and technology so as to protect the plant and public.

If you work for a nuclear power plant or government agency, you will find PCTRAN has wide applications in engineering analysis, training, emergency exercise, etc. Please check the “Projects Completed” page for successful applications all over the world.

If your country belongs to the “Countries Go Nuclear for the First Time” group, please check the corresponding page: there is a special incentive for choosing PCTRAN as a training and comparative evaluation tool. Our experimental pool reactor simulator may also supplement your benefit from PCTRAN.

If your organization is a major nuclear manufacturer or a research institution with highly sophisticated technology, you will benefit from our experience in developing user-friendly simulators for such organization’s elaborated designs. Our clients have found that the Windows-XP platform for transient simulation is cost-effective against in-house development from scratch.  We have successfully completed a high-temperature gas test reactor and a passive-safe experimental PWR simulator for a government laboratory. 

If you belong to a university, please see the linked page for more information about how PCTRAN has been successfully used in teaching and graduate-level thesis development.

If you are independent or belong to a consulting firm, your appreciation of this technology may be valuable to its distribution.  Please check the “Help Wanted” page for opportunities to start making significant income.

Please write to us with specific questions and possible applications, and we will do our best to address them.