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Advanced Boiling Water Reactor

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Variable Selection

The following dialog box is displayed to allow the user to select variables to be displayed on the Transient Plot. If the Transient Plot is not Active then variable selection is required when the View/Transient Plot option is chosen from the Main Menu. Pressing the Change Variables pushbutton on the transient plot dialog box enables the user to select new variables for plotting.

Plot variable selection dialog

Variables are selected by clicking on the desired variable name. Once the desired variables have been selected the user presses the OK pushbutton to display the transient plot dialog box. Pressing the Cancel pushbutton terminates variable selection. A maximum of 10 variables may be plotted at any one time. If more than 10 variables are selected from the list then only the first 10 variables selected will be plotted. The remaining variables will be ignored.

The Transient Plot is Active when one or more variables have been selected and the Transient Plot dialog box has NOT been closed. If the right-most panel on the Status Bar below the mimic shows the statement "Plotting" then the Transient Plot is active. The plot will be continuously updated as long as the plot is Active. If the right-most panel on the Status Bar below the mimic shows the statement "No Plot" then the Transient Plot is NOT active and will not be updated.


Flux-flow diagram

The Flux-Flow Diagram, chosen by the View/Flux-Flow Diagram option on the Main Menu, displays a plot of core flux, as a percent of design, versus core flow, as a percent of design flow. Various limits are represented as fixed lines on the plot. Pressing the Close pushbutton hides the Flux-Flow Diagram.

The Flux-Flow Diagram is updated as long as the simulation is running. Showing or hiding (Close) the plot does not affect this capability.

Flux to flow dialog

The Flux-Flow Diagram can be made to Stay on Top by selecting the Stay on Top checkbox. The user can change various Flux-Flow Diagram options by pressing the Options pushbutton.

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