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In order to provide close support for users in Europe and Japan, we have contracted the following highly competent and reputable companies in these areas as our exclusive distributors:

For other locations, please contact MST directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I change the plant design and operational data to make them represent my plant?
A: Yes. PCTRAN is structured to use Microsoft Access database files for its input. The design parameters such as plant geometry, thermal-hydraulics and reactor physics data, RPS and ECCS set points, and pump and valves characteristics are grouped into data tables. A consistent set has been prepared for a typical plant of the same type as yours. You can easily edit that to fit your plant by either going to the "Edit" button in the menu bar or using Access to edit the input database.
Q: Can I change the design of the NSSS and radiation monitor system mimics to better fit my plant configuration and layout?
A: For changes of this scale, you need to get the PCTRAN source code license. The source code is written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6, so some knowledge of VB6 is required. In addition, we will set up a one-week training class to help you fully prepare for complete model modification.
Q: What kind of documentation and instructions will be provided?
A: We provide a detailed theory manual and user's instructions. The theory manual covers reactor physics, thermal hydraulics, heat transfer, plant system description, and modeling technique. All of the employed transient calculation has a rigorous theoretical basis. The user's manual contains every step in setting up the plant model and performing a specific run. Standard Windows graphic user interface (GUI) is used for interactive control.
Q: To what extent has validation and verification (V&V) been performed for PCTRAN and each plant model?
A: PCTRAN is a product of 16 years experience. For each plant type (see the available plant types below) there is a detailed verification chapter in the documentation. ALL categories of FSAR Chapter 6 (ECCS), 14 (Transient Analysis), and /or 15 (Accident Analysis) for the chosen plant have been benchmarked. Reasonable agreement has been reached in every case.
Q: What are the plant types and the respective reference plants used in the documentation?

The list is:

Plant type Reference Plant
Westinghouse (Framatome) 2-loop Point Beach
Westinghouse (Framatome) 3-loop Maanshan (in Taiwan) or Sharon Harris
Westinghouse (Framatome) 4-loop Salem
Westinghouse 4-loop Ice Condenser D C Cook
GE BWR-2 Mark I Oyster Creek
GE BWR-3 Mark I Quad Cities
GE BWR-4 Mark I ChinShan (in Taiwan)
GE BWR-5 Mark II LaSalle County
GE BWR-6 Mark III Leibstadt (in Switzerland) and Kuosheng (in Taiwan)
GE ABWR Lungmen (in Taiwan under construction)
ABB BWR TVO (in Finland)
C-E PWR St Lucie and Fort Calhoun

On-site training classes are available for an additional cost. If your company operates more than one type of plant and places an order for multiple plants in one requisition, a discount will be applied upon negotiation.


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