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Available Plant Models

The following types of PCTRAN models for light water reactor plants are available:

    BWR View screen | Download
    Boiling Water Reactors such as General Electric BWR-2 to BWR-6 with Mark I to III containments, ABWR, or ABB BWRs
    PWR/UTSG View screen | Download
    Pressurized Water Reactors of inverted U-tube steam generators, e.g. 2, 3, or 4 loop plants of Westinghouse, Framatome, or KWU designs; or 2x4 (2 hot legs and 4 cold legs) C-E designs
    PWR/OTSG View screen | Download
    PWRs of once-through steam generators of B&W or ABB designs
    AP1000 View screen | Download
    Westinghouse-designed advanced PWR with passive safety systems
    VVER 1000 View description
    Russian VVER440 and 1000 PWR with horizontal steam generators

Each one is available in four versions with progressive capabilities. (See next section.)

Available Versions for Each Plant

Standard Version

The standard versions of the above plant models are available in the form of "out-of-the-shelf" object codes. The executable program will accommodate differences in plant-specific features such as geometric size, mega-watt rating, number of coolant loops, primary and secondary flow characteristics, ECCS capacity and set points, etc. through entries of the input data sets. A standard data set in ASCII format for a typical plant of the given type will be provided. The user can alter the data entries according to the provided manual instructions so that they will represent the plant of concern. In order to ensure the users' comprehension of the theoretical basis and modeling approach, MST will provide a complete theory manual.

Plant-Specific Version

The source code will be modified to accommodate your plant specifics in detail. The scope of the simulator will be individually defined according to the client's need. The custom-designed software could range from a simple package for NSSS simulation only to the most extensive model encompassing core-melt, RMS, and source term. The simulator's performance will be verified against the plant Final Safety Analysis Report (FSAR) and other plant operation data and documented in a verification report. The source code may be included in the deliverable package if it is desired and specified in the sales contract.

Severe Accident Version

Once the top of the core is exposed, calculation will continue to allow melt and relocation. See detail in the Severe Accident Model description.

Dose Dispersion Version

Area dose assessment is included following a severe accident release for either PWR or BWR. If you simply want to examine the dispersion model, a stand-alone version PUFF is provided in the download list. This can used as a "dirty bomb" simulator in the commercial product version. The input for this software is the isotope release source term; the output is the area dose assessment.

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